Redeem Your Free Jug Adapter

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Jug Adapter

Jug Adapter

  • Rinsing nozzle incorporated into Jug Adaptor
  • Cuts and pushes back the aluminum seal of the PPP container automatically
  • Multiple Jug Adaptors may be used in combination with one Tank Adaptor
Tank Adapter

Tank Adapter

  • Partial dosing possible if needed
  • Flow by gravity, no pump needed
  • Large diameters for quick flow
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Wedge Plates to balance inclined tanks

Retail Price: $78.00
WinField Price: *Free
Additional Units 25% off: $58.50
*limited to one (1) free unit per customer

Retail Price: $318.00
WinField Price: $159
*50% Discount through WinField

Adaptor Diagram