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Product ImageProduct NumberDescriptionPrice
RB-275METAL-IBCNA275METAL-IBCNA275 Gallon IBC Container w/Meter Pallet - New$199.98
275WOOD-IBCNA275WOOD-IBCNA275 Gallon IBC Container w/Wood Pallet - New$187.10
RB-275METAL-IBCNARB-275METAL-IBCNA275 Gallon IBC Container w/Meter Pallet - Rebottled$151.22
RB-275WOOD-IBCNARB-275WOOD-IBCNA275 Gallon IBC Container w/Wood Pallet - Rebottled$151.22
SS120SS120120 Gallon Square Stack IBC Container$547.20
SS275SS220220 Gallon Square Stack IBC Container$738.15
SS275SS275275 Gallon Square Stack IBC Container$799.90
SS275SS330330 Gallon Square Stack IBC Container$901.55
CES-PH6-13VCES-PH6-13VTop Mount GEM Cap PH6 Pump with Hose End Meter$462.22
SS445BSS445BTop Mount GEM Cap Sotera Pump with Hose End Meter$525.19
SF-1105-RECSF-1105-RECTop Mount GEM Cap SHURflo Pump with Hose End Meter$506.69
CAGEPUMP-SF1105CAGEPUMP-SF1105Cage Mounted SHURflo Pump (no meter)$342.36
CAGEPUMP-CT6-VITONCAGEPUMP-CT6-VITONCage Mounted CT6 Pump (no meter)$485.66
CAGEPUMP-400-12VCAGEPUMP-400-12VCage Mounted Sotera Pump (no meter)$706.04
CADDY-CT6-VITONCADDY-CT6-VITONCaddy CT6 Pump (no meter)$541.05
CADDY-CT6HF-VITONCADDY-CT6HF-VITONCaddy CT6HF Pump (no meter)$588.56
SS435SS435Caddy Sotera Pump (with meter)$846.56
PH6-HPH6-HBottom Mount PH6 Pump (no meter)$315.70
CT6-HCT6-HBottom Mount CT6 Pump (no meter)$361.19
MonsantoSF-1105-HBottom Mount SHURflo Pump (no meter)$275.15
SEM-10SEM-10Pump Mount Flowserve Flow Meter$144.40
SEM-10FTSEM-10FTHose End Flowserve Flow Meter$157.81
FM-1100FM-1100Pump Mount SHURflo Flow Meter$146.77
FM-1100IFM-1100IHose End SHURflo Flow Meter$146.77
Meter825Hose End Sotera Flow Meter$147.24
CHEMMATEAC-BCHEMMATEAC-BCaddy PH6 Batching System - 110VAC$1,675.00
CHEMMATE JRCHEMMATE JRCagepump CT6 Batching System - 12VDC$642.60
CHEMMATE JR-110CHEMMATE JR-110Cagepump CT6 Batching System - 110VAC$715.34
Meter18590Rice Lake 18" x 18" Deck Scale - 0.01 lb. Breaks$867.89
Meter18632Rice Lake 24" x 24" Deck Scale - 0.1 lb. Breaks$1,165.96
Meters126564Rice Lake 480 Series Indicator$547.91
Meter120320Rice Lake 902i FlexWeigh 101 Indicator$2,966.03