Marketing Flyer Formats

These are the layouts of our frequently used templates. Some of these templates may not show much at the moment, but they will be customized to fit whatever you need onto them. All colors, text and backgrounds can be changed quickly to fit your needs.

If you have any questions about these, please email our marketing manager Jarrod Tell (

Two Featured Product Promotion
(2 main featured products, up to 16 listed products total)

Large Image Background w/Shawdowed Boxes
(1-6 products)

Feature Left, List Right
(1 featured product, up to 4 other products)

1 x 3 Landscape
(Up to 4 products)

Tabbed Flow
(1-3 per section, 3-9 products total)

Single Product Template
(1 product, plus 1 more possible in info box)

One Product, Text Right
(1 product)

Infographic Template
(Up to three per product/service section, 3-9 total)

Banner Template
Up to four possible (1 in product, 3 in body)

1 x 3 Format
(1-4 products)

Stacked Flyer
(4-30 products)

1 x 3 Offset Flyer
(1-4 products, 5-7 possible)