KSi 12″ Swingaway Conveyor

KSi Conveyors are designed to outperform conventional augers and conveyors in the speed of material flow, the maximum degree of operation, and material handling. The KSi Seed Conveyor achieves this due to its patented cleated belt. As a result of the cleats the seed conveyor can move seed more efficiently than conventional conveyors with ability to perform at a 40 degree angle. The cleated belt conveyor handles material gently resulting in very little material damage. With these results the KSi Seed Conveyor proves to be more efficient than conventional augers and conveyors.

Features :

  • Hydraulic swing away
  • 12” galvanized tube construction
  • Complete enclosed return
  • 16” patented cleated belt with 2″ cleats on 6″ center
  • Patented drive configuration
  • Hydraulic scissors lift
  • 376′ per minute belt speed for gentle seed handling
  • Low profile hopper with dual hydraulic drive swing
  • Hydraulic adjustable hitch (patent pending) gives greater conveyor reach height while maximizing transport clearance