KSi Seed Applicator 4808NGA – Portable Unit

Need the KSi 4808NGA Seed Applicator on the go? You can now have its advanced and accurate seed treating on a portable unit.

  • 48” x 8’ Drum
  • 600 – 2,500 lb/min
  • Able to integrate KSi Automation
  • Uses a large, thin, and uniform “seed curtain” for accurate chemical application. The curtain flows around the atomizing disc to allow consistent and uniform seed coating
  • Engineered drum mixes, polishes, and dries before discharging conditioned seed through the center of the drum. This gives the seed prime plant-ability and a great appearance
  • Has KSi VariRate (loss-in-weight) seed metering control
  • Allows convenient access for inspection
  • Quick 30-50 second drum clean-out
  • Diesel or propane generator options

Standard trailer with standard equipment meets DOT regulations for road travel. 

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