KSi 8″ Standard Conveyors

KSi Conveyors are designed to outperform conventional augers and conveyors in the speed of material flow, the maximum degree of operation, and material handling. The KSi Seed Conveyor achieves this due to its patented cleated belt. As a result of the cleats the seed conveyor can move seed more efficiently than conventional conveyors with ability to perform at a 40 degree angle. The cleated belt conveyor handles material gently resulting in very little material damage. With these results the KSi Seed Conveyor proves to be more efficient than conventional augers and conveyors.

Feature :

  • Cleated belt inside tube keep the product from getting under the belt
  • Patented drive configuration
  • Galvanized return pans
  • Complete enclosed belt for long life
  • High density cleat for heavy use, longer life, and cold weather application
  • Cable Winch Lift
  • Available in any custom length desired
  • 5 bolt highway transport wheels for easy transport
  • Collapsible canvas hopper standard
  • Left or right PTO mount
  • 5” drive pulley
  • Crowned drive pulley
  • Removable bearings for easy maintenance

Options :

  • Swivel Axle
  • Electric Winch Lift Assist
  • 36″ or 42″ Collapsible hopper
  • 4′ X 4′ Galvanized Hopper
  • Round Painted Spout
  • Less undercarriage with stationary leg supports
  • Optional stainless conveyor body is corrosion resistant, which is best for fertilizer transport



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