KSi MultiFlow Scale Hopper

The state-of-the-art KSi MultiFlow solution utilizes dual 80-unit or 120-unit scales for order flexibility and throughput capacity. This system can be 1) stacked over a treater or 2) staged with a conveyor between the KSi MultiFlow hoppers and a treater. An open superstructure allows complete access in and around the treater for easier maintenance and operation of seed treating equipment.


  • Continuous Treating—The dual scale and the KSi Automation MultiFlow software allow one hopper to be filled while the other hopper is being discharged to the treating system.
  • Queuing— Up to 7 orders can be entered and loaded so that they are ready to start as soon as a customer arrives at the bulk seed facility.
  • Staging — The KSi MultiFlow software allows an order to be loaded into one hopper and held until the customer arrives, while simultaneously allowing the open hopper to be used as a batching hopper.
  • Backup Scale— In case of a load cell failure, one scale hopper can be taken offline allowing the operator to continue to batch and treat through the working scale hopper.
  • Compatible with KSi AutoBatch,  KSi AutoTreat and KSi AutoTreat with VariRate.