KSi Underbin Conveyor

Feature :

  • Patented drive configuration
  • Curvilinear pan for seed transport away from belt edges
  • Durable, long lasting galvanized construction
  • High Capacity: 16UB transports up to 4,500 bushel per hour
  • 12UB transports up to 3,000 bushel per hour
  • Completely enclosed belt return
  • Modular design for ease of installation
  • Lengths available from 16’ through 120’ and greater in 4’ increments
  • Comes in 4’ and 8’ sections
  • Transition hoppers can be installed anywhere in the length of conveyor
  • Transitions are galvanized construction
  • Adjustable leg kit available for different bin configurations
  • U-trough design is available in either 12” Standard Capacity or 16” for higher capacity
  • Reversing Underbin drive is standard and allows for dumping out the reverse end of underbin.

Belt Features:

  • 12” or 16” Crescent/Chevron Belt is formed to a curvilinear pan for high capacity and efficiency.
  • Belt speed is safe for seed handling.


  • Clean-out access doors can be placed along Underbin for ease of clean-out.
  • Inclined head can be mounted on end of Underbin to allow for more clearance.
  • Dual drive option for 100′ and longer underbin conveyors.
  • Tote bag hopper inlet optional