KSi Vari-Rate Controller

The KSi Vari-Rate controller is designed, using a continuous feedback cylinder that can repeatedly find the same position within 1/1,000th of an inch, to accurately control seed flow into a treating chamber. The operator enters a desired seed flow rate, in either pounds per minute or units per minute, and starts the system from the 5.7” touch screen. The controller opens the Vari-Rate gate on the scale hopper and accurately measures seed into the seed treater by adjusting the Vari-Rate gate on the scale hopper as needed. This controller also provides an output signal, based on a user defined timer, to trigger the liquid pumps on the treater. Unlike other seed flow control devices, no volumetric conversion is necessary, meaning no calibration is needed when switching seed size.

Standard Features:

  • The seed flow rate can be set in either seed count units per minute, pounds per minute or 50 pound units per minute
  • Seed flow is controlled by loss-in-weight from an NTEP certified scale
  • Precise timer controls to trigger liquid pumps so that the operator can trigger the system to turn pumps on/off at the appropriate time
  • Simple control – Once the rate is set, the operator only needs to change the seeds per pound from run to run and the system will accurately deliver the correct seed flow
  • No calibration between seed sizes required as there is no volumetric conversion needed
  • Can be installed in either a stacked or staged treating system
  • System interlocked with surge sensor to guarantee correct seed flow into treating chamber