KSi VariRate Controller

Using a simple loss-in-weight seed flow control solution, the KSi VariRate utilizes a Variable Position Gate to successfully hit the requested seed flow rate regardless of the size of the seed.


  • Can measure seed flow using loss-in-weight at a speed of 10 times per second
  • Variable Position Gate consistently finds the same position within 1/1000 inch
  • Eliminates the need for seed calibration, no matter seed size or variety
  • Can be easily added onto any treating system that uses a scaling hopper (and does not add height)
  • Available in stand-alone version (KSi VariRate Controller) to only control the seed flow, or can come fully integrated (with KSi AutoTreat) to apply seed treatment with precision
    • Chemical rate (oz or mg) directly relates to seed weight (lbs). This eliminates the need for conversion and increases treating accuracy
    • System can sense and respond to seed flow variations. Will automatically adjust chemical pumps to match liquid flow rates and changes in seed flow rate