Meridian Seed Express 1050

Designed for versatile delivery of seed, fertilizer, grain, short term storage for treated seed, or tendering bulk fill planters. Has a capacity of 1050 units (840 bushels).


  • Holds up to 1050 cubic feet
  • Five function remote control
  • Provides an ‘auto setup’ feature for folding and unfolding the conveyor
  • Gates and hoppers are stainless steel and offer infinite variabilty
  • Hydraulic manifold and electronics assembly is housed in a sealed stainless steel protective enclosure
  • Offers protection from dust, rain and debris
  • Ladders along the body of the tender
  • Able to see inside each compartment of the tender
  • Power pack gas tank and hydraulic tank are mounted low for easy filling and access
  • Power pack is in a sealed stainless steel protective enclosure with washable intake filters
  • Custom integrated trailer with air ride suspension
  • Conveyor rotates a full 60 degrees to each side for a total swing of 120 degrees
  • Conveyor swing pivot point can be adjusted to 90 degrees on one side and 30 degrees on the other
  • Reach is 23’10” from the center of the conveyor intake to the center of the spout
  • Conveyor lifts to an angle of 42 degrees, which equates to a height of 19′
  • Incline conveyor uses Meridian’s patented cleated belt
  • Allows for higher inclines, higher capacity and gentler handling of seed
  • Can operate the underbin conveyor at high capacity straight out the back of the tender (with the incline conveyor in the transport position)
  • Conveyor folds up on top of the tender and out of the way


  • Stainless steel underbin and incline conveyor option
  • Trailer options
    • Spring ride suspension
    • Lift axle on one (front) axle
    • Aluminum mag wheels